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Acne Can Be More Harmful Than Melanoma
Inflammatory skin diseases cause more harm than skin cancers when years of disability and mortality are added together, according to the latest report from the Global Burden of Disease Study.
Medscape Medical News
02/18/2018 04:35 PM
FDA OKs Durvalumab (Imfinzi) for Reducing Risk for NSCLC Progression
The immunotherapy becomes the first treatment approved to reduce the risk for progression in hard-to-treat stage III non-small cell lung cancer.
FDA Approvals
02/16/2018 11:54 PM
Pain Hits After Surgery When a Patient Faces $17K Urine Test
Elizabeth Moreno got hit with a $17,850 bill from a Texas lab after leaving a urine sample at her doctor’s office.
Kaiser Health News
02/16/2018 09:58 PM
New C difficile Guidelines Refine Diagnosis, Add FMT
New guidelines for managing Clostridium difficile infection refine diagnosis, switch antibiotics for adults, include children, and add fecal microbiota transplantation.
Medscape Medical News
02/16/2018 09:16 PM
Low-Dose Aspirin in Heart Failure Sans AF: Recommended or Not?
It's an old question still, without much solid evidence either way. How much does a new cohort study from Denmark add to the debate? Views differ on whether aspirin should have a role in this population.
Medscape Medical News
02/16/2018 07:16 PM
Vedolizumab Emerges as Option in IBD After Anti-TNF Failure
The management of anti-TNF-resistant patients is an important clinical challenge, but new data suggest that vedolizumab helps mucosal healing in Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.
Medscape Medical News
02/16/2018 05:35 PM
Mysterious Symptoms in US Diplomats Deemed Neurologic Injury
Cuba diplomats have concussion-like symptoms consistent with brain injury in the absence of blunt head trauma after encountering intense sounds and vibrations. The cause remains elusive.
Medscape Medical News
02/16/2018 03:45 PM
FDA Okays Glooko Insulin Dosing System for Type 2 Diabetes
New app allows clinicians to personalize insulin dose titration for patients and reminds them to follow instructions.
Medscape Medical News
02/16/2018 03:06 PM
Safety Similar With Radial vs Ulnar Approach in Cardiac Cath
Major adverse cardiovascular event rates were not significantly different from those obtained with radial artery access, but transulnar access remains on the fringe of the PCI world.
Medscape Medical News
02/16/2018 02:40 PM
Patients Want More Information Before Imaging Tests
Half of survey respondents said they had to find information on their own. Authors say communication may focus too much on results and radiation exposure and not enough on the test itself.
Medscape Medical News
02/16/2018 02:18 PM
FDA Panel Gives Exparel Thumbs Down as Regional Nerve Block
An FDA advisory committee voted 6 to 4 against recommending bupivacaine liposomal injectable suspension as a nerve block for regional, postsurgical analgesia.
Medscape Medical News
02/16/2018 01:17 PM
'Really Durable Benefit' Emerging With Bladder Cancer ImmunoTx
Overall survival curves in cancer treatment trials typically go down with time. It's a big deal when survival stabilizes and a flat 'tail' emerges as patients remain alive much longer.
Medscape Medical News
02/16/2018 01:13 PM
Intriguing: Better Survival in Melanoma in Obese Men
Observations across cohorts of patients treated for metastatic melanoma have led to an intriguing conclusion: survival is better in obese patients, but only for men.
Medscape Medical News
02/16/2018 10:06 AM
U.S. Groups Sue Trump Administration Over Teen Pregnancy Grant Cuts
Planned Parenthood, other organizations and a Washington state county filed lawsuits on Thursday challenging a decision by U.S. President Donald Trump's administration to defund more than $200 million in teen pregnancy prevention programs.
Reuters Health Information
02/16/2018 09:41 PM
Limb Amputation Rates for Blocked Arteries Vary by Race and Setting

Reuters Health Information
02/16/2018 09:41 PM
Breast MRIs May Lead to More Biopsies That Catch Fewer Cancers
Women who get magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) screening tests for breast cancer are more likely to get invasive surgical biopsies to look for tumors than women who just get screening mammograms, a U.S. study suggests.
Reuters Health Information
02/16/2018 09:41 PM
Idaho Blue Cross Unveils Plans That Bypass ACA Rules
Focus turns to whether the Trump administration will challenge Idaho’s move to allow such plans to be sold to individuals.
Kaiser Health News
02/16/2018 12:06 AM
Short Kids May Have a Higher Stroke Risk as Adults
Children who are just a few inches shorter than their peers are more likely to suffer a stroke in adulthood, a large Danish study suggests.
Reuters Health Information
02/16/2018 09:41 PM
ID Docs Best Poised to Lead Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs
The eclectic expertise of infectious disease specialists uniquely qualifies them to lead antimicrobial stewardship programs, according to a joint statement from several medical societies.
Medscape Medical News
02/15/2018 11:11 PM
Micropulse Laser an Option for Chronic Central Serous Chorioretinopathy
Functional and anatomical outcomes are similar after treatment with yellow micropulse (MP) laser or half-dose verteporfin photodynamic therapy (PDT) for chronic central serous chorioretinopathy (CSCR), according to results from a retrospective study.
Reuters Health Information
02/16/2018 09:41 PM