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We are compliant with assembly bill 1753
(the new serialization requirement)


With new security legislation being passed by states such as California and soon to be others, new security requirements are being mandated to protect drugs and pharmaceuticals from getting into the wrong hands by creating secure prescription guidelines with an appropriate chain of custody.

Rx Litho understands that you have enough to worry about and created a simple portal for physicians to get a guaranteed compliant print solution for your tamper resistant prescription pads and secure medical document needs.

Within our site you will simply and quickly receive the following:
secure lock
  • A guarantee that our security print technology surpasses all state guidelines for Medicaid and Tamper Resistant requirements for controlled substances, including CA.
  • Your secure prescription and medical documents are produced through our secure and fully compliant NASPO certified facility and not through a third party imprinter.
  • The greatest security at the lowest rates, shipped in 36-48 hours.
  • An online order system capable of allowing you to quickly typeset and proof your own pads before you order.
  • Secure online payment system.
  • Ability to FAX in your order.
  • Contact Us for your custom needs - we can do it!