Rx Litho is a subsidiary of International Security Products (ISP) and ProDocumentSolutions (Pro). Pro was established in 1979 as a manufacturer of business forms and documents and to this day serves as a wholesale outlet to our a base of loyal distributors selling value added documents. Over the years Pro saw a need for enhanced security features built into sensitive documents and has developed over 19 print security related patents. Due to an ever increasing role in the industry as a security specialist and requests from international and government agencies, Pro spun off a very special company in ISP. ISP's role encompasses research and development, consulting, and specialized security solutions for larger private instiutions which need special focus.
RX Litho

International Security Products     
While ISP was able to work with medical institutions for their needs, it was when California launched its new requirements for secure medical prescriptions that ISP had a natural knowledge of security and methods to easily create a system for secure prescriptions. As our customer base and volume grew within the medical industry, we have created the focused subsidiary in Rx Litho. Understanding that hospitals, clinics, and physicians all have special but specific needs, we moved to create a single avenue for their requirements. With Rx Litho you get the backing and knowledge of several large and reputable print companies with the attention of a medical specific subsidiary.