Secure Features

Example Of Tamper Resistant California Prescription
Background May Vary Depending On Your State

1.Substrate utilized is high quality security stock. Paper is a 25# basis weight, highly bright, smooth surface for optimum ink contrast and adhesion. Substrate also shows stains when attacked with counterfeiting chemicals and has toner adhesion properties which bonds your imprinted information to the sheet. 
2.Imprintable area allows many options for single or multiple physicians and locations including room for your logo. 
3.Warning verbiage boldy runs around pad pointing out verification cautions for the pharmicist or prescriber. Micro-print lines are also incorporated.
4.Pad incorporates our patented NaNOcopy printed background. Not only does this area show the hidden “Hollow VOID” message when copied but it’s actually made of micro-text. 
5.Our pads use a thermochromic validator in the shape of an RX pestle. This complies with the requirements for a thermochromic ink area by incorporating the heat sensitive area on the face of the pad which enhances the security and ease of verifcation. Simply warming the pink RX area will validate.
6.Area for multiple prescriptions to be written on a single sheet.
(single prescription open areas also available)
7.A watermark is printed on the reverse side of the sheet (not shown)